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If you are thinking about taking up Beekeeping, then why not try one of our taster sessions? Keep checking our 'Events' Page  for details of our  2019 Taster Sessions. 


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AGM - 23 Feb.  2:00 - 4:00 PM.  The AGM will take place at Necton Village hall on 23 Feb at 2:00 PM.  This will be followed by refreshments and the Dunkley Memorial Talk and for the first time 'Beekeepers' Question Time'Your chance to put your questions to a 'panel of experts'.


Membership Renewal.  Subscriptions and Bee Insurance premiums for 2019 are now due.   These may be renewed using the form in the Membership Page.


How to Make and Asian Hornet Monitoring Trap.  If you wish to have learn how to make an Asian Hornet Monitoring Trap, there is a useful You Tube guide here.   Written instruction from the National Bee Unit are contained here.


 Asian Hornet Watch - A Smartphone App For Reporting Suspected Asion Hornet Sightings.  Asian Hornet Watch is an app designed to record and help the early detection of Asian Hornet in the UK following the first confirmed record in September 2016.  You might wish to download this to your smartphone:

Click here for Android phones  and Here for Apple Iphones.


Introduction From the Chairman​


Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of beekeeping and the West Norfolk and King's Lynn Beekeepers' Association (WNKLBA) website.  Beekeeping is wonderful, it can be very rewarding and enjoyable, at times frustrating but always amazing.  Beekeepers, like bees, are sociable animals who enjoy each others company, comparing ideas and helping each other out.


As an association, we place great emphasis on training and education of beekeepers, at all levels. We have an association apiary, where you can come and find out about beekeeping through one of our ‘Taster Days’, enabling you to look in a hive under the guidance of experienced beekeepers and decide if beekeeping is for you.  You might want to follow this with an introductory course, or progress to take formal British Beekeeping Association (BBKA) assessment and qualifications.  At the highest level, we contribute each year to funding an East Anglian Research Student (EARS), enabling apiculture research to PhD level.


If you are an existing member then you will find features about the association, its members, bulk buying scheme, newsletters and much more. You are welcome and encouraged to use the website to share your experiences of beekeeping.

Our events are open to everyone, so do come along and see us in action. The events page has a list of all the events for the year and contact details for each of them.


See you soon,

Peter Davies (Chairman)


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Books, Suppliers, DVDs, Bookshops and Recipes.

For a list of our recommended books, equipment suppliers, DVDs and bookshops - also includes honey based recipes submitted by our members for the Sandringham Flower Show - please download our Links Page.


Contact the FERA Regional Bee Inspector at the National Bee Unit:

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