Kings Lynn & W Norfolk  -Barry Thrower 01553 810001

 North Norfolk  - Barry Walker-Moore 07833915340

 Breckland  - Trevor Nash 01362-696737 

 Broadland  - Mike Willis H: 01493-369261 M: 07710-292686

› Norwich  - Trevor Nash - 01362 696737

Costs: West Norfolk and King's Lynn Beekeepers provide swarm collection services on a voluntary basis.
Very very few are full time beekeepers so we do urge you to double check that you have honey bees and not other insects before calling them away from work for possibly several hours.
We think it is reasonable that you make a donation for expenses such as fuel costs - the rest is down to how you feel given that most councils make a significant charge for dealing with other insects.


BUMBLE BEES, MASON BEES and other bees 

These bees are harmless and numbers dwindle naturally as the year draws to a close. Please try and live with them as they contribute to the balance of the ecology. Some beekeepers may offer help with these bees : this is their personal choice since NBKA insurance only covers swarm collection of honey bees.

› All Norfolk..... Helen Copperthwaite. Phone: 01263 734682 . Email: helensbeehive@tinyworld.co.uk 

 All Norfolk..... Mike Willis. Phone : 01493 369261 


› Kings Lynn & West Norfolk DC 01553 616200 

› North Norfolk DC...... 01263 513811 

 Breckland DC.......... 01362 656870 

 Broadland DC......... 01603 431133 

 South Norfolk DC..... 01508 533633  

 Norwich DC............... 01603 212212



If You Find a Swarm

Before swarming bees will gorge themselves on honey so they are unlikely to sting you even if disturbed.

Try and keep people and machines away from the swarm - flapping arms, strimmers, nosey dogs and the like do not help.

We can probably help with honey bees, but not as a matter of course wasps, hornets, bumble bees and other insects. For all other insects, call your local District or City Council (see below). 

For honey bees, please make a note of the following before phoning someone to help you...

1) How big is the swarm ? ...( Tennis ball, Ten-pin, Football ...)

2) Where is it ? ... up a tree, in a chimney, in a shed

3) How high off the ground ?.. Anything else that makes access difficult?

4) How long has the swarm been there ?

5) Address, including post code.

6) Phone number(s) that the beekeeper can contact as he/she arrives to collect the swarm.

7) To find your nearest Beekeeper who may be able to deal with this swarm click here

 For advice on Crop spraying contact our Spray Liasion Officer 



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